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cat ball toy

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  • Brand:    Redmogo
  • Type:    R103
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cat ball toy
  • cat ball toy
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  • cat ball toy
  • cat ball toy
  • cat ball toy

Sound and light ball

The sound and light ball is a fun little toy specially designed for cats. The product is small and light. It is no different from a ordinary ball when it is still. When the cat scratches it, it will flash and at the same time will make a funny animal sound. This caters to the characteristics of cats liking light & sound.

Three kinds of lights are available.

Four kinds of sounds for adjustment including sounds of cats, dogs, worms and birds.

Suitable for being used with other toys.

Product material: ABS

Product specifications: diameter 44MM

Suitable for: cat

Color: red/blue/green

The product is not waterproof and please be kept away from water and fire. It’s not suitable for being bitten by a dog.

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