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2048 Pet Training mat

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  • Brand:    Redmogo
  • Type:    20x48 inch
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2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat
  • 2048 Pet Training mat

 The static training mat is a touch sensitive training mat which says “NO” when you can`t. It quickly conditions dogs, cats and similar sized animals to avoid prohibited areas with a harmless, low-power electronic pulse similar to static electricity. Safe yet effective way to:
◆ stop pets from entering an off limits room
◆ protect your furniture.
◆ Stop pets from jumping on automobiles
◆ Protect car paintwork.
◆ Stop cats jumping onto kitchen counter tops.
◆ Stop dogs from getting at trash buckets

The static training mat offers three training levels:
▲ low static simulation.for small dogs and cata.
▲ Middle static stimulation.for medium sized dogs.
▲ High static stimulation.for large dogs or dogs that are         difficult to train.
When you change the battery the static training mat remembers the last training mode used. To change levels, momentarily press and release the pushbutton switch. The LED will light to indicate the selected training mode.

1. Remove the mat from its box. Lay it flat in a warm environment to allow it to un-crease.
2. Insert a new alkaline type 9-volt battery or connect the adopter.
3. Place the device at its working location.
4. Switch ON and the power indicator lights up.
5. Test the mat using “low static”
6. Wait for your pet to learn about the mat.
7. Two power modes (battery alkaline or 6F22 9-volt supply; adopter input: 100-240volt, output: 9V DC 500mA-800mA,not include battery and adapter)

On the front of the electronics controller, slide the battery door open. Insert and connect a new 9-volt ALKALINE battery; then slide the battery door back into place. We recommend switching the mat OFF when not in use. Battery life will depend on the number of activations and the amount of time the mat is left in standby mode.
Insert the 9-volt, adopter, input: 100-240volt, output: 9VDC 500mA-800mA(not include battery and adapter)
Important note: when using a power adapter, be sure to remove the battery, conversely remove the power adapter when using battery power.
Low battery indicator:
When the battery is low, the controller will beep every 5 seconds.

•12x60  inch-Great for kitchen counters﹠sofas
•20x48  inch-Great to block a doorway or larger areas.
•30x16  inch-Great to sofa or little areas.
•46x03  inch-Great for window sills.
•36x14  inch-Outer circle diameter 36 inch, Inner circle diameter 14 inch.
•36x03  inch-Outer circle diameter 36 inch, Inner circle diameter 03 inch, apply umbrella or round objects stay away seabirds or other animals.

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